Holidays at the Terme di Pitigliano

The Baths of Pitigliano are not yet active but the structure, August 2008, is under construction.

Tourists on holiday in Pitigliano can take advantage of some pleasant time to relax at the famous Terme di Pitigliano, in one of the most evocative of Maremma. If you have not booked at a hotel or a bed and breakfast should contact Centers at a spa, equipped and good price.

The whole area of the establishment of Pitigliano thermal covers 10 hectares of park fully equipped spa, still a virgin land with a history of vineyards and olive trees which still produced high quality.

The thermal structure of Pitigliano is made up of 3 buildings, one of which is completely dedicated to cures. Other buildings include the departments of health club, the spa treatments and hotel services, including the excellent restaurant "La Favissa", recommended to taste dishes of high quality.

The thermal park is composed of two pools with a maximum capacity of 300 users per day. The pools are equipped with all the comforts and services.

The first evidence of use of the thermal go back to Etruscan and Roman, which some votive testifying the presence of a temple linked to the cult salutifero water. It was especially during the "Romanization" that began to exploit the potential of this valuable natural resource of small building works and funnel resulting in a real spa, of which some remains were found thanks to recent archaeological excavations in an area bordering the park's.

Useful information for the Tourists

Town: Pitigliano
Address: SP127 Del Pantano
Phone: 0564 615 665
Water: Water is the nature of sulfate-bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium and flows at a temperature of 34 degrees.
Therapeutic indications: the use of this water is recommended for different uses, from research to the psychophysical balance of detoxification from dermatological problems than physiotherapy
Treatments: bathing, aerosol, sleep, whirlpools, massage, sauna, gynecological treatment, pulmonary ventilation, beauty treatments