On holiday with Butteri Maremma

For a holiday adventure recommend to book at one of several facilities in Maremma: hotels, bed and breakfast, guest farms and ranches in the area of Alberese Here tourists can come in close contact with the famous cowboys, a of the most famous of Maremma.

The cowboys are the cowboys of the Maremma, which for centuries have taken care of the famous white cattle imported from Asia and wild horses in Tuscany. For almost all year the cowboys ride herd on the long stretches of grasslands Maremma.

The most important event of the year is the market, or when calves and foals are tagged after being gathered and counted by cowboys. For the farmers this time was a cause for pride and celebration, where you can put on show their beautiful specimens maremmani after months of hard work.

It is hardly news that during the year, the cowboys make some appearance in local festivals or special events: Buffalo Bill in 1911 led to an itinerant cowboy in Rome to challenge the cowboys in a series of races from rodeo in Piazza del Popolo .

Today the show for tourists is the most famous Rodeo in August to Alberese, where we recommend booking a hotel or a bed and breakfast to enjoy the magic of the festival. Sometimes it happens the butteri that we offer as jockeys in the race more spectacular in the world: Palio di Siena.