Holidays in Maremma: the archaeological area of Sovana

If you decide to spend your vacation in Maremma recommend a visit to the archaeological area of Sovana, tourists who stay in one of the many hotels or bed and breakfast in the area can reach it along the road leading to San Martino on Fiora. The site is linked to other Etruscan necropolis of the area through the picturesque Cave routes in the spectacular scenery of the Archaeological Park of Tufo, a site of great archaeological value and impact of extreme beauty. Sovana developed in the Etruscan era, today remains a hundred monumental tombs scattered in the area.

Among the most important point out the Tomb of the Siren in the resort is Poggio Up Ripa, the Tomb of Settlers typhoon on Poggio, the cave located on the Pala Poggio Prisca and most important of all, the Tomb Ildebranda on Poggio Felceto: a tomb full of rocks, appears to us as a temple of monumental dimensions, consisting of a portico to six columns resting on a podium connected to two staircases on both sides. Come a long central corridor to reach the funerary chamber.

Along the road that leads from Sovana in San Martino on Fiora can raggiunegere the remains of an ancient Oratory in Rock dug tufa. A particular that stands out immediately in the eyes is the cross "scratched" on the ceiling.

Useful information for tourists

The visit to the Tomb Ildebranda costs about 1 euro, but it is possible to "size" the ticket and thus the price according to time and historical attractions that visitors intends to visit, because the company that manages the visits is the same care and organizing the various inputs to Ways Cave.