Holidays in Maremma: the Street of the Cave Archaeological Park

During the holidays in the Maremma tourist can visit the area Sorano and Pitigliano: characterized by an impressive amount of territory tufaceous, the rocks are carved in unique ways of forming long, narrow, fairly dark, which descend from the highlands down to the shores of rivers. The hotels and bed and breakfast in this area are very hospitable and usually have some guide for tourists to visit this particular area of Maremma.

The ways these quarries also Cavone despite having some very high walls 20 meters are well hidden by dense vegetation that hides the visibility from outside. Have been widely used in past centuries, but now constitute a truly charming tourist route and impressive, characterized by a very tortuous path but with slopes not too excessive.

In ancient times it is thought they had been excavated to create pathways or small paths to allow shepherds to lead the cattle to the river, and further processed by the Etruscans in the streets of major communication, adjusting the slope road and providing a channel rainwater during the rains.

It 'demonstrated that these caves were specially built as from areas far removed from their all converge in the unique points of the valley flat and spacious, easily accessible to residents. The ways cave had a defensive function: making more difficult access to the city from enemies.

The streets are a cave environment unique, fascinating and charming. We recommend to all lovers of tourists trekking, the 'archeology and' adventure to make a leap in these carved into vie spectacular wildlife and ancient Maremma. visited on foot or on horseback with any picnic will prove undoubtedly a spectacular and unforgettable day.

Facilities for the tourist recommended Streets around the Cave

Terme di Sorano