Isola del Giglio Holidays in Maremma

The Maremma offers not only holiday on the green Tuscan hills, the tourist passionate about the sea can book a room in one of several hotels, bed and breakfasts and hotels in these 'Isola del Giglio, the largest of the islands of Tuscany after 'Isola d'Elba. Always a tourist destination continues to grow, the island offers numerous opportunities for nell'incontaminato excursions inland, arid mixture of rock and reforested areas.

The island is rich in wildlife and vegetation, with peregrine falcons, kestrels and mouflon, with an incredible abundance of wild flowers: it is the only place outside of the north where grows the flower of 'wormwood.

The island takes its name from the Roman colony of Aeglium already at that destination for a holiday of the most famous of that period until the Middle Ages. The economy was sustained by the quarries of granite: the extracted stones were used to construct many of the medieval churches in the area.

The tourist who decides to reach the island of Giglio boat can moor at Giglio Porto Where there is an excellent bus service direct to the two main dell'Isola locations: Giglio Castello, Giglio Campese. Alternatively you can rent bicycles or scooters to explore the island in complete freedom.

Ferries to the Isle of Giglio

To reach the island, the point of embarkation is Porto Santo Stefano, reachable by bus from the station of Orbetello Scalo and Orbetello city .

Agency Toremar
Telephone: 0564 810 803
Rate: 6.00 euros one way

Agency Maregiglio
Telephone: 0564 812 920
Rate: 6.00 euros one way

Tickets can be purchased directly on board or on one of the many kiosks on the quay of the port. E 'advisable to leave the car on the ground, because the transport can be very expensive: there are pay car parks on the waterfront price of 8.00 euro per day.

Giglio Porto


The most important day of the port is August 10: The inhabitants are a race to retrieve a flag tied to a tree of cuccagna set in the middle of the sea.

The same day you place the Palio seaside, between the three districts of the port.

Surrounded by cliffs, offers an overview of relief, with very impressive case color against a backdrop of vineyards and terraces. In the port, as well as numerous restaurants and shipyards, is presnte Saracen tower, built by Ferdinand I in 1596, where you can find a peaceful spot to relax in order to observe the walls of an ancient Roman basin.

The beaches are small but clean and charming, one in Punta Aranella, one of Canelle Cala in Cala and another of Caldane.

Useful information for tourists

Tourist office
Via Provinciale
Telephone: 0564 809 400

Yachting Marine - boat rental
Via Thaon de Revel, 9
Telephone: 0564 809 610

Blue Scuba Diving Club - Diving
Via del Saraceno
Phone: 340 399 4648

Giglio Castello

Remains hidden in the hills about 6 km from port. The city is still surrounded by walls fortified, which contain as an impressive number of well-preserved narrow streets, very characteristic, adorned with beautiful medieval arches. The strength of granite, which is the entrance to the medieval quarter, you can reach the port by bus, which stops close to a vine covered patio in the main square in front.

The cha palace gives its name to the town of Pisa is the work, supplemented later by the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Visited the old town, you can do a tour of the dirt paths outside the walls, to enjoy a magnificent panorama view on the island and on the ruins below.

For the tourist who wants to explore the interior of the island should follow a path on the street, which Giglio Castello winds for about 9 km to Punta del Capel Rosso, the most south of the island. The entire trip takes about 3 hours, immersed in a wild and lonely.