U.S. Grosseto FC


The current social colors, white and red, the colors have become official only in 1927.

Until that is used the old coupled white-black.

The club was officially in 1912 on the ashes of the former Union Sports Ginnico Grossetana, and disputes his first championship Federal in 1921.

The team of Grosseto not collect big successes, military predominantly in series C and series minors. On three occasions has lost the dream of B: in 1946-47, losing the final spareggi, in 1948-49 penalized for not having played a meeting due to a delay of the medium on which traveled (due to the passage of the Giro d 'Italy) in 2005-06 and losing the final Play Off against Frosinone, the first tie of the race went to 0-0 and then losing 1-0 to the race back.

And on May 13 2007 that the Grosseto puts the first element of pride in its football history: it won the second division thanks to a masterly coach Antonello Cuccureddu, winning 1-0 against Padua and close to first place in group A of C1 championship 2006/07.

The conquest of the Super League Professionals C1

After the closure of a championship course, was the Grosseto also won the trophy in both the C1: the Super League Professionals to Serie C1. For the aggiudicarselo Grosseto had to sweat against Ravenna, winner of group B.

The final round ended with a tie 1-1, with district Gessa for Grosseto and Chianese on rigor for Ravenna. The race instead Returning, contested at home, is another story: the Grosseto plays with class in a stadium full of fans white and red, succeeding to impose 1-0 with a goal incredible Zizzari, thereby bringing home the trophy.

Famous Players

Surely the most player remembered with affection and esteem by society of Grosseto and supporters is Carlo Zecchini, historic and unforgettable striker of the white and red team, with 273 attendances in the'60s. He was given the Stadio Olimpico Comunale of Grosseto. Another player unforgettable Fabrizio Bartolini is the best goleador the history of Grosseto.

Among the coaches remember Enzo Robotti, Giovanni Galeone, Massimiliano Allegri el'indimenticabile Antonello Cuccureddu.

Emergency Information

Veterans Via dello Sport, 6 58100 Grosseto (GR)
Phone: 0564 200 99
Fax: 0564 429 215

Stadio Olimpico Comunale
Veterans Via dello Sport, 6
Phone: 0564 200 99