Holidays in Scansano and Magliano

Magliano Scansano and are ideal places for the tourist who wants to spend his holiday in harmony with nature. The facilities are characterized by hotels, bed and breakfast and residence suitable for any type of portfolio that can satisfy even the most demanding.

Two beautiful inland settlements Maremma, an inviting landscape covered with forests, vineyards, chestnut and wonderful views that damage to the 'Uccellina.

Magliano Scansano and two small villages are not battutissimi tourism, in fact are linked only by a few coaches, we feel, however included these two wonderful places in your sights, visited by car and then continued towards Mount Amiata.


On a spur that is oriented towards a wooded gorge lies the small town of Scansano, surrounded by a landscape dell'Uccellina on breathtaking ridges. From Piazza Garibaldi follow the main road and soffermatevi the many taverns and inns that are now have the pleasure of tasting excellent local cuisine together with the excellent wine of the place: the Morellino di Scansano.

Learn more about this great wine, you can visit the Museum of the vine and wine, you will be fascinated and involved in knowing all the processes of wine, according to traditions handed down for centuries.

Events and demonstrations in Scansano

The feast of grapes
During the last weekend of September has known the place and popular "Festa dell'Uva" where wine world and tourists from all over the world have the opportunity to taste the excellent wines from traditional local, regional and beyond: a large space is also devoted to olive oil, other resources local. Of course, the more attention is for wine: big space is dedicated to Morellino di Scansano in the various wineries and wine-food stand that open for the occasion. Theater and music accompanying the event in a climate of great popular festival.

The festivities of the quarter
A beautiful and evocative historical evocation of an ancient rivalry between the two quarters towns: Inside of the quarter and the Borgo challenge in Disfida of Barletta, a tournament of knights who fight in the saddle of a donkey. The day of the patron saint, San Benedetto, the the city is so divided into two zones, one linked to the medieval period the city's historical center, the Inside, the Village and the other is linked to the Risorgimento of the city and start a genuine medieval feast, with clashes between horsemen and archers, tricks and costume parades and more. A contour of all the banquets in the medieval style, where you can taste the specialties Local.

To visit a Scansano

Museum of Vine and Wine
Piazza Pretorio, 3
Hours: 10:00 - 13:00 / 16:00 - 19:00
Admission 3.00 euros

Magliano in Toscana

Surrounded by walls, remained virtually intact, the town of Magliano in Toscana remains today one of the many sights of the place. From a distance the eye immediately jump bastions, which attract tourists to the country: the south side dating back to two hundred, the other to four hundred.

In Corso Garibaldi you can admire the main church, built in the Romanesque style, but later remakes in the Baroque period. Inside are several preserved frescoes of great honor, kept in impeccable. Immediately side is accessed the ancient Piazza del Popolo, where stands the magnificent Palazzo dei Priori, built by the Sienese and now abandoned.

Continuing along the main road to get there at the end of the street, where an arc between the walls is the beautiful landscape to frame the campaign that it shows the opposite.

From the village we can push up the ruins of San Bruzio, where you can visit the ruins of the abbey XII century and the ruins of its bell tower.