Rusellae and Vetulonia, a holiday in history

For tourists fond of Etruscan history, during his holidays in Maremma you can not miss a visit to these two ancient sites. To achieve them, however, must be your own transportation, there are in fact public transport that provide the service. We therefore recommend tourists to book your holidays in one of the many hotels or bed and breakfast in the area.

Rusellae is one of the twelve cities of the Etruscan federation has developed over the swampy terrain where there is now Grosseto . The small town of Rusellae was completely abandoned in the fifth century due to the continued expansion of the nearby Grosseto.

The archaeological site are visible only the foundations of the buildings, the necropolis and the outlines of a Roman amphitheater. All other remains are visible inside the Museum of Grosseto .

The other archaeological site instead, Vetulonia, is located about 20 km from Grosseto. Even Vetulonia was part of the Etruscan federation, and resisted throughout the Middle Ages, despite the continued expansion of Massa Marittima .

Unfortunately, in the fourteenth century it was completely destroyed during a revolt against Pisani. Now you can see some pieces of its ancient buildings built houses in the country, two large tombs, the Mound and the Mound Pietrera Diavolino.

It has recently been brought to light an ancient Etruscan brothel, with its many internal vulgar graffiti, probably carried out by women who worked there. Other archaeological finds can be admired in the Archaeological Museum Isidoro Falchi.


Civic Museum Isidoro Falchi
Piazza Vetluna
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