Cucina maremmana

Holidays in Maremma: La Cucina Maremmana

Characterized by simple and frugal ingredients, cooking Maremma has maintained the tradition of a healthy and natural taste, in direct relationship with the environment: land and sea have given rise to a table full of flavor, thanks to a wide variety of dishes characteristic. Among the traditional dishes, the game is the most popular followed by vegetable soups, but also fish.

Two are the main ingredients that can not miss in the kitchen Maremma: olive oil, which he makes extensive use, and the wine, the first of the famous Morellino di Scansano, known throughout the world.

The Maremma countryside jealously guards its culinary treasures, because of that the tourist who manages to savor them gusta slowly and wisdom to appreciate the aromas of 'olive oil, chestnuts, wine, cheese, honey and fruits.

During your holidays in Maremma you can taste the typical products of the Maremma in the many festivals that take place in various city centers during the year, or are several farms that offer accommodation to tourists, thus avoiding reservations at the hotels, hotels and bed and breakfast, where you can taste the unique dishes directly from the manufacturer.

Typical products Maremma

  • Bouillon
  • Ricciarelli
  • Acquacotta Maremma
  • Macaroni with walnuts
  • Scottiglia
  • Fratti
  • Melatelli
  • Struffoli

They are all specialties prepared in the old way, which preserve the flavor passed down through the centuries, cooked according to wisdom and calm of the countryside. Other products are of excellent quality cheeses, ricotta cheese and cold cuts, not to mention olive oil and wine.