Holidays in Grosseto

To spend a pleasant holiday in Grosseto advise tourists to stay in one of several hotels, bed and breakfast and hotel in the suburb of Grosseto, located in quiet areas and easily connected with the center of the city.

Grosseto is enclosed within the walls that surround hexagonal, is for tourists as a small-town calm and quiet, where spending a few hours relaxing in the center historic. For those who are looking for a po 'movement, Grosseto to visit in August the town hosts one of the most important festival environmentalists in Europe, the Festambiente moving crowds of people for 3 weeks of concerts, films, fair trade markets , Seminars and organic food.

On August 10 instead held the feast of San Lorenzo: a group of Butteri (Knights of oxen) drives a wagon with over the statue of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of the city.

Route recommended for tourists

Going up the station, passing along Via Roma, to reach the historic center of Grosseto: one of the most beautiful squares of the city is Piazza Dante, where you can admire a statue that shows Leopold II, which protects Mother Maremma and crushes a serpent, symbol of malaria.

Another place worth visiting is without doubt the Duomo di Grosseto, which began in 1294, composed of a white marble facade and pink nineteenth. Some of the pieces of the Dome are kept in the Archaeological Museum located in Piazza Beccarini: the second floor of the museum is the art gallery, which contains a collection of valuable paintings Sienese school, in particular the Madonna of the Cherries made by Sassetta, and the Madonna and Child, attributed to Simone Martini instead.

In the museum there are also many archaeological finds of Etruscan civilization found in the cities of Vetulonia and Rusellae . To better understand the history of the Maremma, we recommend a visit to the Museum of Natural History Maremma .

Other works of great merit can be admired inside the Church of San Francesco, just north of the Museum, containing a crucifix Duccio di Buoninsegna and several pieces of frescoes.

Useful information for tourists

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