Holidays in Follonica, beaches and hotels and bed and breakfast


  1. A Follonica there was a carnival very similar to that of Viareggio: the districts of neighborhoods people realize floats with an iron, as opposed to those viareggini, characterized by a wooden structure.

  2. In the city of Follonica is the only church in Italy with the pediment made in cast iron: Church of St. Leopold (1838)

Many hotels, hotels, residences and bed and breakfast where tourists can go to organize a wonderful holiday in the Gulf of Follonica.

Located on the Gulf same name, between Piombino and Punta Ala, is a beautiful town with a major impact on tourism: a dream beach, sandy and white, so you can see the coast of 'Island of Elba.

Follonica over the years has become a beautiful beach, which offers the tourist beaches of the most beautiful in Tuscany: white sand and clear water, mild climate, the pine woods surrounding the area and a sea between the cleanest in Italy.

Important from the point of view are the cultural Metalliferous Hills: characterized by the presence of mines mining on imposing hills, used for mining already in the Middle Ages.

The territory is rich in District parks surrounded by green pine forests, Follonica fact is included in three national parks: the Nature Reserve of biogenetic Tomboli Follonica, the Reserve Integrale Poggio Three Gates and the Natural Reserve of Animal population Marsili.

History of Follonica

Follonica was a city Etruscan, is based around the seventh-sixth century BC on the hills rich in minerals: the main activity was characterized from mining, as demonstrated by the findings of many lime kilns scattered in the territory.

In the sixteenth century the principles Appiani built a foundry near the city expanded later in the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, to become by 1836 the first steel center of the Region.

There followed an inevitable increase in population led to the development immediately, thereby becoming an important seaside resort.

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