Hiking in the Natural Park of Maremma

For excursions in the Parco Naturale tourists can get off the bus at Pratini and follow the road of Olives to reach the beach: a beautiful bay with behind the majestic cliffs and wooded hills of the nature park. Follow the path on the left, very evocative and a favorite destination for many tourists.

Alternatively, the tourist can follow the stretch on the right, where he will have the opportunity to walk for kilometers along the beach up to the mouth of the Ombrone, around a beautiful pine forest, where you can relax in the shade of some pine.

If you're not big walkers, you can choose to venture in bicycle or on horseback with a guide in organized tours.

Trails in the park dell'Uccellina

There are many paths that cross the park dell'Uccelina, many start at Telamon, but there are also shorter paths. Help us to suggest there Maremma 4 of the most interesting and evocative.

Path 1: San Rabano - 6 km - journey time: 5 hours
Climb along the ridge dell'Uccellina, after about 90 minutes you arrive at the Abbey of San Rabano: you can admire the views of the coast and Mount Amiata. The church was built in the eleventh century, it is now only its ruins covered in ivy. The trail then descends to the right, among olive groves and evergreen forests, to bring back under the ridge of the Road Olivi.

Path 2: The towers - 5 km - Travel time: 3h
The route starts near the beach and continues connecting the various medieval watchtowers built by the Spaniards. This route offers an extraordinary landscape, rich in pine forests of pines and domestic, which represent one of the most memorable of Tuscany: the pines domestic form a huge green roof, separated from the sea by a strip of pine trees.

Path 3: The caves - 8 km - time: 4h
A path that extends in the plains, through forests and canals that divide the park. The path ends came to the caves, in one of which were found some of the oldest human remains discovered in Italy. Along the trail it is easy to encounter wildlife.

Path 4: Cala di Forno - 12 km - walking time: 6 h
It is the longest route and more varied, including the hills, the coast and the cliffs, up to the headland of Cala di Forno. During the return it is along the dunes and the beautiful beach of Porto Vecchio.

Information and guided tours for tourists

Direction of the Park Alberese / visitor center
Via del Fante
April to September: daily from 08:00 to 15:30
Phone: 0564 407 098
Website: www.parks.it
Guided excursions: 8,00 € per person (5 or excursions of 3 hours)
Hiking without a guide: 6,00 euro per person
Night walk: € 19.00 (excursions of 3 hours)

Horseback riding, bicycle and canoe

Rialto center equestrian tourism
For reservations: 0564 407 102
Beginners: 29,00 euro for 2 hours
Experts: 37,00 euro for 3 h / 62,00 euro for 6 h
The price includes: entry into the park, driving and insurance
Bike rental: 3,00 euro per hour / 8.00 euro all day
Canoe rental: 16,00 euro for 3 h / 26,00 euro all day