Festivals and Events in Maremma

During your vacation in Maremma not miss opportunities to participate in numerous events and events that are organized in different countries and cities in the Maremma, the tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous local festivals in the country, accompanied by music, concerts and colors folk. Some hotels and bed and breakfast are well organized and available to offer guidance about the events.


Carnival Follonichese - Jan 27 - 3 and Feb. 10
Parades of floats allegoricidei various districts, groups of masks, competitions and festivals side.
Information: 0566 515 50

Giro della Provincia di Grosseto - Feb. 15
Arrival stage on the seafront Italy

Three Carnevaletto by Money
Parade of floats of different districts, Groups masks, competitions and festivals side.

First weekend of the month course in Italy.
Information: 0564 860 447


Vintage - First weekend
Information: 0564 860 447

Bengals of St. Joseph - 19 March
Traditional procession night, dedicated to Santo, which culminates with a suggestive "Rite of Fire". In the central square of the country the whole community is found around the bonfire of 'invernacciu "who dies and greets the new season with the hope that ports prosperity and abundance of fruit.
Information: 0564 614 433


Braccagni - Grosseto
Fair Madonnino
Show Campionaria of products and activities of Maremma. 21-25 April 2007
For Information: 0564 418 783

Vintage - First weekend of the month
Information: 0564 860 447

Monte Argentario Porto S. Stefano
Easter Sunday of the Resurrection - the first light of dawn.
Traditional Procession of the Risen Christ with solemn blessing of the sea to sound the sirens of the boats moored in port.
Information: 0564 811 925

Racing Velica traditional organized by the Yacht Club in Port St. Stephen.
Information: 0564 814 002

Castiglione della Pescaia
Festival of Spring
In Pian di Rocca
Information: 0564 933 678


Braccagni - Grosseto
Meeting of Maggerini - 1st of the month
Coming from all parts of Tuscany many singers who give an original overview of songs in the eighth rhyme.
Information: 0564 863 706

Merca Cattle - 1st of the month
In the field of sports Alberese where Butteri demonstrate their skill and mastery in the marking of livestock grazing and doma of foals.
Information: 0564 407 098

Massa Marittima
Balestro of Girifalco - May 20 if a Sunday or on Sunday after May 20
The city of Terzieri repeat the secular challenge of shooting skills in the spring before the historic parade and flag-wavers he dall'esibizione.
Information: 0566 902 756

Strawberry Festival - Last weekend of the month
Exhibition of food and local crafts, musical evenings.
Information: 0564 606 491

Festivals San Biagio

Solemn Procession
in the lagoon with barchini and ground with the Carroccio pulled by oxen and escorted by horse to Maremmani Butteri.

Popular Celebrations

Vintage - First weekend
Information: 0564 860 447

Magliano in Toscana
Feast of the country - First week of the month

Agricultural Fair
Information: 0564 592 341

Castiglione della Pescaia
Celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint Guglielmo
Information: 0564 933 678


Capalbio Cinema International Short Film Festival
Information: 0564 896 271

Spring Maremmana
Arts, culture, crafts, music and entertainment in the historic center of Grosseto.
Information: 0564 271 94

Monte Argentario Porto Hercules
Fiestas of the Patron Saint Erasmo
Procession to the sea with illuminations and fireworks.
Information: 0564 831 01

Monte Argentario Porto S. Stefano
Argentario Sailing Week
Traditional boat race with vintage.
Information: 0564 814 002

Maritime Monterotondo
Festival Tortello - Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month
For information: 0566916639

Costa d'Argento in bloom - Before the seventh month
Exhibition of nurseries, garden furniture, etc..
Information: 0564 860 447

Weeks Soranesi - Second weekend of the month.
Three days of events eno-gastronomic, cultural and folkloric.
Information: 0564 633 398