Holidays in Piombino

Piombino is a small town but with all attractions of respect for the tourist who decides to visit during his vacation in Maremma. Most of the hotels, hotels and bed and breakfast is located in the central area of the city. We recommend staying in a close to Piazza Verdi where you can see a work of the XV century fortress for the defense of the walls with the Port S. Antonio and his tower. Turning on Via Vittorio Emanuele II to reach the town hall, the twelfth century, a magnificent building open by Gothic mullioned windows.

Piombino is an active industrial center of the Maremma, is located at the southern territory of Maremma. It is only 10 km from d'Elba.

The city was built as a Roman port, and only after the destruction of Populonia had a great time Expansion, after he was fortified by Pisa around the twelfth-thirteenth century. In 1399 it Gherardo possession of Appiano making it the capital of his principality.

The Cathedral of Piombino deserves a visit, inside the counter is located right on the tomb of the sons of Jacob IV, the Renaissance, left the tomb instead of Jacopo d'Appiano. Continuing further on the tourist can admire an unusual baptismal font, built by Andrea Guardi.

To enjoy the beautiful view of the sea, suggest the tourists a beautiful walk that goes from Viale del Popolo to Piazza Giovanni Bovio.

Other sights for tourists near Piombino

  1. Capraia, a beautiful mountainous island off the promontory of Piombino, characterized by deep furrows, these go, and steep coasts and wild. Are the numerous caves on the island.
  2. Follonica, a beautiful tourist resort located in the Gulf same name.