Chiesa di Sovana, Santa Maria Maggiore

A holiday with churches and monuments of the Maremma

Tourists who chose a hotel or a bed and breakfast to spend their holidays in Maremma has provided many tourist itineraries to go in search of works of art, monuments and churches.

Church of St. Peter the Apostle

Town: Giglio Castello
Inside is kept a shrine of St. Mamiliano and a collection of weapons seized to Muslims Tunisians, two of which are particularly valuable.

Chiesa di San Paolo della Croce

Town: Porto Ercole
Lovely little church located in the modern city, its interior is kept under the Jerome Sellari: S. John the Baptist in the desert.
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Church of St. Erasmo

Town: Porto Ercole
Inside are stored many of epigraphs Spanish governors, an altar made of marble and his feet are placed slab tomb of its Spanish masters.
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Church and Convent of San Giuseppe

Town: Porto Santo Stefano
To note the presence within it of a painting depicting the 1853 San Paolo della Croce that as the novice Vincenzo Maria Strambi, and two relics of Saint Paul.

Concattedrale of Santa Maria Assunta

Town: Orbetello
A beautiful building restored between 1370 and 1376 by Orsini, shows a Gothic facade. Note the portal to the sixth acute with pillars decorated with cherubs, vines and branches. At the top stands out the rose window surrounded by a series of human faces, which face aull'interno in baroque style.

Chiesa di San Francesco di Paola

Town: Orbetello
Founded in the sixteenth century, has within it some tomb slabs, some of which are dedicated to Silles Nuno Oryon, Donna Anna and Joseph Velasco of Gatta. Continuing on the aisle you come to the altar, where he placed a shovel depicting the Annunciation to the appearance San Biagio and San Francesco di Paola.

Chiesa di San Leopoldo

Town: Follonica
Started in 1836 and completed in 1841, built in neoclassical style cross Latin America. The interior is decorated in cast iron, as well as the columns supporting the entablature decorated the banister, learning center and friezes made by the sculptor Nencini, summarizing the work of reclamation desired by Leopold II in Maremma.
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Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Town: Grosseto
Located in Piazza Dante, was rebuilt on the ruins of the former church of Santa Maria and restored in the last century. Inside, two windows of the'400 made by Benvenuto di Giovanni, the Source of baptismal el'Altare Madonna, attributed to Antonio Ghini. To note the water, a wooden crocificco fifteenth, and Our Lady of Grace.
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Cathedral of San Cerbone

Town: Massa Marittima
Built in the mid-twelfth century, the Cathedral of St. Cerbone represents one of the most important monuments from the point of view of religious architecture, from across Italy.
Inside the three central Columns bases with figures: on the left is a griffin, a horse right in the middle and a thick beard by the man, initially identified in St. Peter. In front stand out decorations dell'architrave central portal and the Madonna and child. In 1287 began the work of enlargement dell'abside that continues for 5 years by masters of Pisa and Siena. To the left of the high you can see a casket in the majesty of Duccio di Buoninsegna.

Chiesa della Misericordia

Town: Massa Marittima
Made in the nineteenth century and dedicated to San Sebastian, is characterized by a single aisle. Of particular historical interest and artistic its interior.

Church of St. Mary of Giglio

Town: Castiglione della Pescaia
Detail is not the presence of the facade, since it is an integral part of the walls of the city. Inside is a painting of the Madonna and Child'700, still revered by the people because linked to a miraculous event.

Church of St. Maria delle Grazie

Town: Vetulonia
Made of materials ranging from stone mixed with brick, has a simple plan with coverage hut.

Church of St Mary Magdalene

Town: Saturnia
Inside there is a table made by Benvenuto di Giovanni dating back to 1475.