Holidays in Maremma between history and culture

To spend a holiday in Maremma is useful that the tourist knows the history of this land. After choosing a hotel or bed and breakfast to spend the holiday, tourists can learn about the origins and culture of the Maremma.

The Maremma immediately became the core northern Etruscan settlements, which drained the swamp and building irrigation canals transformed the old marshy plain in an area with high agricultural potential. In medieval peasants they abandoned arable land, leaving them regress to malarial swamps.

Attempts to revive the Maremma started in 1828 by the Grand Duke Leopold of Tuscany, who worked new drainage systems and provided free quinine in malaria and in 1950 the mosquito malaria was completely eradicated.

Today Maremma is highly regarded for the production of DOC and for the 'extra virgin olive oil, also bringing tourism at the top thanks to the significant increase in holiday-stays in small farms or houses.

Despite rehabilitation work, the natural heritage has been preserved thanks to Uccellina Natural Park and nature reserves of Burano and Orbetello , easily visited by tourists thanks to the many hotels and bed and breakfast in the area.