Harbors and in Maremma

For tourists who want to spend their holidays in Maremma and decided to go there by sea, as well as advise the best hotels and bed and breakfast, we propose a list of calls where to moor his boat, for a vacation to the sea and adventure in Maremma.

Cala Galera

  • Town: Cala Galera
  • Town: Porto Ercole
  • Phone: 0564 833 923

Located north of Porto Ercole, offers all the services necessary to help, thanks to its modern equipment. Pleasant impact of the presence of several local restaurants, to take a few Oretta to relax and enjoy some typical local dish.

Cala Spalmatoio

  • Town: Gulf of Spalmatoi
  • Suburb: Giannutri
  • Phone: 0564 898 890

Is the main port for the Isle of Giannutri, with a concrete pier used exclusively to ferry line-Giglio Porto Santo Stefano-Giannutri. There are no adequate facilities, you can dock only temporarily. There are no services for electricity, fuel and water.

Castiglione della Pescaia

  • Town: Castiglione della Pescaia
  • Phone: 0564 933 602

A port well protected from the wind and well equipped is a pleasant stop for tourists who want reach Castiglione della Pescaia, center very busy periods in summer.

Etrusca Marina

  • Town: Puntone
  • Phone: 0566 866 302

Porto equipped and feature a number of docking points, the entrance is marked by a lighthouse located at the breakwater.


  • Town: Talamone
  • Phone: 0564 887 003

Composed of two floating bridges used as a small recreational craft.


  • Town: Puntone
  • Phone: 0566 452 40

Used for the berthing of vessels.

Giglio Campese

  • Town: Giglio Campese
  • Phone: 0564 809 480

Located in a huge haul of Torre del Campese and the old cable. Is the only anchor point and accommodation for rubber boats across the island. In the port are a convenience center information and many shops and premises.

Giglio Porto

  • Town: Giglio Porto
  • Phone: 0564 809 480

The south pier is devoted exclusively to ferries, while the piers East and West is possible berth in complete tranquility, attention to areas reserved for fishing vessels. In case of heavy traffic you can moor at Cala Cala Cannelle or the Caldane. The port is home to many inns and shops craft, where to shop and refuel.

Marina di San Rocco

  • Town: Marina di Grosseto
  • Phone: .0564 330 075

The port is located in the green of Maremma, the ideal place to moor and enjoy hiking in Marina di Grosseto. For those who may want to venture into islands of the close: The Giglio, the Elbe and Giannutri.

Pier Talamonaccio

  • Town: Talamone
  • Phone: 0564 887 003

Reported to be a beacon to light green, is located in the East Bay Telamon This is a used exclusively all'attracco jetty for vessels, pleasure craft can moor 50 meters from the cliff.

Porto del Valle

  • Town: Porto Santo Stefano
  • Phone: 0564 812 529/0564 810 400

You can dock in the floating piers and those anchored at dock of Port Arthur. Other seats are available at the Molo del Levante and Molo Crew of Italy. Once moored you can visit the center of town that embraces the old port. E 'can go to the port again to buy a ticket for the Isle of Giannutri and Giglio.

Porto Ercole

  • Town: Porto Ercole
  • Phone: 0564 833 923

This is a port with an efficient service and excellent facilities, in periods of spring and summer offers many berths available. After disembarking from the boat you can taste some local dish in many restaurants crowd the quayside.

Porto Vecchio

  • Town: Porto Santo Stefano
  • Phone: 0564 810 400

The mooring is made difficult because of strong winds that sometimes blow in the bay.

Punta Ala

  • Town: Punta Ala
  • Phone: 0564 922 217 / 0564 922 785

The marina for excellence, located north-west dell'omonima tip: For years he hosted the team Luna Rossa. Portrayed a marina among the most famous and well equipped Mediterranean, with art facilities and excellent level.

Santa Liberata

  • City: Santa Liberata
  • Town: Porto Santo Stefano
  • Telephone: 0564 867 629

A small harbor well protected from the wind, a quiet place with wonderful backdrops.

Scalo of the Fiumara Puntone

  • Town: Puntone
  • Phone: 0566 866 302

E 'with several docking points along the quays of the two banks, offering almost all services available for boats.


  • Town: Talamone
  • Phone: 0564 887 003

Once moored have immediate access to the historic village. Attention to low depths, to avoid past between the two buoys to Miraglia, a green and blue.