Cascatelle di Saturnia

Holidays at the Terme di Saturnia

Terme di Saturnia For tourists who want to spend a holiday of relaxation and wellness recommend booking at hotels, bed and breakfasts and Wellbeing of Saturnia. The centers have affordable and beneficial. The tourists who are just passing through can still immerse themselves in the sulfurous waters of the baths, free and accessible to everyone.

In ancient Saturnia was indicated as the first city in Italy, according to a legend indeed the center of the city was founded by the god himself during the Golden Age.

Certainly pre-Etruscan origin, as evidenced by a sacred settlement and the remains of an ancient temple near the Holy Bath. He then became an Etruscan settlement, as evidenced by the discovery of a necropolis near the city center.

The city acquires a particular importance during the Roman period, finds itself in the traffic of the Via Clodia, were built as the first spa in the country.
During the Middle Ages, the city experienced a period of neglect, and despite not found along the coast was invaded by pirates Saracen.

It later became the territory of Aldobrandeschi, the Orsini of Pitigliano and the Sienese, up to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

The early twentieth century, Saturnia grew in fame, were undischarged as the healing properties of thermal waters thanks to some research conducted by some Italian universities, and at the end of the seventies was established the permanent opening of the plant.

Waterfalls of Saturnia

Streams and sulfur springs gush from the ground and form small pools carved into the rock, where you can immerse yourself for hours. The main pool has an aspect very special: the turquoise water blends with the colors of the sky blurred by the steam that date back to the top, a very surreal. L 'Admission is free and unlimited.

Therapeutic indications

To treat skin diseases, respiratory, musculoskeletal, gynecological, gastric, liver, allergies and dental treatments are particularly suited baths, mud baths, hydro massages and inhalations. The spa complex Saturnia is fully equipped for beauty treatments, diet and wellness and relaxation.

Useful information for tourists

Location: Saturnia (Grosseto)
Phone: 0564 600 111
Website: - E-mail:
Water: the water of Saturnia is defined as carbon-sulphate-sulphurous-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy.
Treatments: motor rehabilitation, vascular, respiratory, beauty treatments, mud therapy, peripheral vascular disease, balneotherapy, massage, inhalation treatments, hydrotherapy treatments, physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapies, irrigation

Terme di Saturnia