BBC Grosseto - Baseball in Maremma

The BBC Grosseto born in 1952, thanks to the establishment of the team of the US armed forces, who have passed the beauty of this sport to the city of Grosseto.

From 1953 to 1966 a series of bounces between series C and series B until the much hoped-for promotion to the year 1966, in which, however, the stage of Via Amiata was completely destroyed by the flood that struck the city of Grosseto. The matches were played well in the Stadium Municipal Olympic football and in sports field in Via della Repubblica, where there is now the definitive stage Roberto Jannelli.

The experience of the league lasted only one year, and the team relegated to B until 1970, when a great Beppe Massellucci made his entrance in pink, remaining one of the cornerstones of the team in the years '70 and '80. The team was so fished out and maintained the series A. They start the best years of a team that was still being born: the first foreigner is hired, John Self, who remained in Grosseto for two consecutive seasons, making the audience fall in love with baseball and becoming a true fan favorite.

E 'at this time that the baseball became a sport seguitissimo in Grosseto and the stadium was built official Roberto Jannelli. Self was replaced in 1973 by a fantastic Irving Homs, it was further reinforced by players like Luongo and Richard Luciano Varricchio.

In 1978 the team were relegated again in little league, where he stayed only one year before returning to the top flight.

In 1982 the Grosseto begins to hope to win the title, thanks to the feats of Tom Mutz, Alessandro Cappuccini, Mario Mazzieri Boscarol and Alfio, who led the team in first place in the standings, but not to win the Scudetto.

There followed years of reinforcements and exchange of players, one on all the arrival of pitcher Richard Olsen and the new manager Vincienzo Luciani, said 'Vic': Sunday, October 19, 1985 at 18:36 the Grosseto won his first national title, the city explodes in a riot of joy and celebration. There followed years of bad luck and reinforcements for the Grosseto, but in 1989 comes the second Italian title, when a mythical Raffaele Gandolfi is proclaimed best left-handed pitcher of that era.

The 90s bring little satisfaction to the team, 2 unforgettable moments of those years: the conquest of the CEB Cup in Pamplona in 1997 and the Italian Cup in Florence against Rimini in 1999.

The next year is held the Cup Winners' Cup in Grosseto own, where they see the red and white blur the victory in the final against the Dutch Bessum. Followed by 3 years of reinforcements and bitterness, until 2004, the year difficult to forget for all fans: after 15 years the Grosseto becomes champion of Italy at the expense of Fortitudo Bologna, thanks to new coach Pedro Medina and a rose fantastic players like Navarro, Ramos, Rollandini and De Franceschi.

In 2005 it also won the European Cup, this time beating the Dutch in Bussum. Today the team is determined to get back among the largest in Europe: we look confident
the season begins.