Holidays at the Terme dell'Osa in Maremma

Le Terme dell'Osa located at the foot of Talamonaccio, are one of the most evocative of the Maremma, certainly not valued as the baths of Saturnia the main spa Maremma, but definitely with waters with excellent curative and relaxing. In the tourist area can BookHotel their vacation on the cheap at the many hotels and bed and breakfast, equipped and comfortable.

Their pleasant temperature and proximity to the sea continually attract tourists from all over Italy, making them even today a popular holiday destination throughout the Maremma.

You can take a nice dip in the past by visiting the entire area surrounding the archaeological Etruscan. The pleasant location of the spa complex, nestled between the green woods of the Maremma Natural Park and a beautiful beach, make it a unique of its kind, able to make your stay rich spa wellness and relaxation, thanks to a staff doctor and beauty consultants prepared and competent.

Useful information for tourists

Location: Orbetello (Grosseto)
Address: Via Farinata degli Uberti, 6
Phone: 055 233 7069
Water: can be classified as sodium-chloride (salsa), sulfate-calcium, alkaline, medium sulphurous
Therapeutic indications: These waters are suitable primarily to treat skin diseases
Treatments: balneotherapy, aerosol, heliotherapy, whirlpools, massage, sauna, spa somato-psychic, fitness, diet personalized beauty treatments, therapies and naturopathic omotossicologiche